Areas of practice

Legal Opinions and Advisory Reports

Libra Law's attorneys provide legal opinions and advisory reports, for example regarding interpretation on contracts, laws and regulations, case law etc.

Due Diligence Reports

Libra Law’s employees are widely experienced in preparing due diligence reports. Conducting a due diligence can be of great importance when entering into a company purchase or sale transactions.

Banking, Finance and Stock Exchange Regulations

Libra Law offers a wide range of services in the field of banking, finance and stock exchange laws and regulations, equally to individuals, enterprises, financial institutions, communes and other public institutions.

Property Rights

Libra law offers a wide range of services in the field of property rights, including negotiations and document preparations regarding purchases, sales, leasing etc. The firm also provides services regarding organisational cases and cases regarding building permits, landmarks, public land etc.

Inheritance and Reversional Right

Libra Law offers assistance regarding inheritance and reversional rights, including last will and testament drafting, private and public settlements of estates etc.


European law, as well as the European Court of Justice and the EFTA court has had an increasing impact on the Icelandic legislative and regulatory environment. Libra Law provides counsel in elaborating and interpreting the European legislation and court rulings, including advising on how to exercise European Law in the Icelandic legal system.

Corporate Law and Corporate Consultancy Services

Libra Law offers experts services in the field of corporate law. Libra Law has been providing companies of all types and sizes with wide range of services regarding corporate law, including founding and choosing corporate form, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, reorganization of companies, structural changes, shareholders agreements, joint ventures, drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts and agreements, interaction with public institutions, stock exchanges and financial supervisory authorities etc.

Debt Collection and Execution Proceedings

The law firm provides services in debt collection and execution proceedings for companies as well as individuals.

Sales and Purchases of Companies, Real-estates and Ships

Libra Law provides counsel regarding sales and purchases of companies, real-estates and ships, including negotiations and contract drafting. The firm also offers protection of interests in any disputes that may arise as a result of such transactions, for example regarding interpretation of contracts, property defects, execution on contracts etc. Furthermore the firm's employees have wide experience in due diligence reports on mergers and acquisitions of companies.

Legal Claims

Libra Law offers services and advises regarding disputes arising from legal claims such as executions of contracts, property defects etc.


Libra Law’s employees are experienced attorneys with license to represent individuals, companies, municipalities and public institutions before Icelandic District Courts as well as the Supreme Court of Iceland.

Competition Law

Libra Law provides services in the field of completion law. The firm’s attorneys have considerable experience in matters regarding collusion and abuse of dominant position. Libra law also offers services and protection of interests in matters related to state aid acceptances that may have adverse effect on competition.

Contracts and Agreements

Libra Law offers wide range of services in the matters of contract making, including negotiations, drafting, protection of interests as well as representation in court cases or other disputes that may arise regarding interpretation or execution of contracts.

Family Law

Libra Law provides legal services regarding matters related to marriages and domestic partnerships, including prenuptial agreements and legal advice on separations and divorces.

Maritime and Transport Law

Libra Law offers wide range of service in the field of maritime and transport law, such as the collection of salvage awards and advise on agreements and matters related to general average and damage at sea.


Libra Law provides legal advice in the field of tort and insurance law, including matters regarding damage and compensation claims as well as tending to proceedings before administrative officials and courts.

Bankruptcy and Composition

Libra Laws attorneys have extensive knowledge of bankruptcy and insolvency law, such as winding-up of bankrupt estate, filing of claims, assisting of compositions and moratoriums.

Local Government Law

Libra Law provides services in the field of organisational- and development matters, equally to individuals, companies and municipalities.

Insurance Law

The firm’s attorneys provide collection services of insurance benefits. In addition, the firm offers advice on its clients dealings with insurance companies, which includes reviewing insurance contracts and agreements, for example regarding their premium payments.

Mortgage and Lien

Libra Law offers various services in the field of mortgage rights and liens, such as drafting of mortgages agreements as well as providing advice on elaboration and interpretation on such agreements.

Construction and Tender Rights

Libra Law provide wide range of services regarding construction and tender rights, including the drafting of work contracts and invitations to tender, whether for the contractor or the buyer. The Firm’s attorneys also provide their clients with protection of interest regarding any disputes arising in the field of construction and tender law, both before courts of arbitration and general courts of law.

Employment and Labour Rights

Libra Law offers wide range of services in the field of employment and labour law, equally to employees, employers, unions and pensions funds. The firm’s attorneys offer their expertise in drafting of employment contracts as well as employment termination agreements. The firm's attorneys further offer advice on the legal statuses of their clients and provide them with protection of interests in the general court system.