About Libra Law

Libra Law is situated at Tjarnargata 36, in Reykjavik.

The firm was founded in 2005 by the Supreme Court Attorney, Mr Árni Ármann Árnason who has extensive experience in banking, finance and corporate law. In 2011 the District Court Attorney, Mr Ólafur Hvanndal Ólafsson became a partner at the firm.

The Firm's main areas of expertise lie in the area of financial and corporate law, including but not limited to the following practice areas:

  • Banking, Finance and Stock Exchange Regulations
  • Corporate Law and Corporate Consultancy Services
  • Competition Law
  • Construction and Tender Rights

Furthermore, our lawyers provide services regarding purchases, sales and reorganization of companies, as well as other matters related to corporate governance and management.  Our lawyers have also wide experience in the areas of mortgage and lien rights, insurance right, liquidation law, administrative law as well as organisational and development matters. The firm's lawyers are experienced litigators with licence to represent their clients before District Courts of Iceland as well as the Supreme Court of Iceland.


The firm emphasizes strict confidentiality policy towards their clients. The firm's lawyers are obliged to treat any information they come across in their practice with utmost respect and confidence.